Luscious & Long Summer-Proof Lashes

by Kimberly Coyle |

Leave Your Summer Lash Worries Behind:

Forget harsh, damaging waterproof mascaras or costly lash service visits. It’s time for care-free, no makeup makeup, truly waterproof lashesFor the best sweatproof makeup go for the all-natural approach. Try incorporating a lash serum into your summer beauty routine to achieve longer, thicker looking lashes, no makeup or lash extensions required! 

Seasonal Changes Can Take A Toll On Your Lashes:

Did you know? Research suggests that you shed more lashes in the summer. This is largely due to temperature fluctuations. Combine extreme temperature changes with pool chemicals & UV rays & you could be facing some serious lash damage. You can be proactive by using a lash serum, like GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum, to strengthen the look of your lashes so that you are ready for anything. 

Spring Ahead For Lush Lashes By Summer:

Now is the time to start! Your eyelashes operate on a 3 month cycle. If you make the commitment now to apply a lash serum each night, you can have longer & thicker looking lashes just in time for the summer