The Lash Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed…

by Kimberly Coyle |

You already know we are the ultimate lash destination, but we have yet another trick up our sleeve. FYI—your lashes are hair, and not only should you be treating them to some TLC with GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum, you should also be brushing your lashes. Yup, you heard that right. You gotta comb those cuties!

No big deal but we’ve kiiiiiind of created the absolute best tool for this *cue GrandeLASH-SEPARATOR*—a curved, metal lash-separating comb that fits perfectly to the contour of your lashline to hug lashes without any tugging! 

Brushing your lashes is an essential step in your lash care and should not be skipped! It not only keeps ‘em clean by removing dirt or dust but it also increases blood supply to the area to promote healthier-looking lashes. Just comb your lashes prior to applying your GrandeLASH-MD to help stimulate your lash follicle. Then just sit back, relax & prepare for incredible lashes. 

This tool is our ride or die for lash care; however, it also preps for and perfects your mascara application! Just comb your lashes before applying your fave mascara (we love this one), and then again after you’ve applied to instantly separate, lift & fan those lashes. The curved comb design fits perfectly to the contour of your eye while the precisely spaced teeth define each & every lash. The result? Full, fluttery lashes without the clump!