Why Everyone Needs A Brow Serum

by Chelsea Merola |

Think brow enhancing serums are only for people with thinning brows?  Think again. 

Confession time: did you over-pluck your brows when thin was in? It's okay, you can still get the appearance of full, bold brows. Brow enhancing serums like GrandeBROW help you restore the appearance of your brows so you can shape them to your heart's desire.

Here’s how it works: Every night after cleansing and drying your face, apply GrandeBROW to the natural shape of your brows. focusing on areas in need of the most brow boosting.  You’ll start to see the appearance of fuller brows in 6-8 weeks with full improvement in 4 monthsand trust us, it’s definitely worth the wait.

After following this brow-boosting regimen you'll have plenty of brow to work withso you can make an appointment with your local aesthetician or go to town on them yourself!

Your dream brows are just one swipe away.