Dear falsies,
We need a break from each other...

I found someone new who helps me embrace my best lash life: my new love, GrandeLash-md. It’s filled with good-for-me ingredients, like vitamins, peptides & amino acids to help my natural lashes appear stronger, thicker and healthier.

I can wake up loving my own thick, lengthy lashes again (100% my own this time!).



While falsies are a fun pick me up, let's face it: they’re a hassle. Not to mention the damage they can leave behind on your natural lashes! Here at Grande, we want you to live your best lash life and that does not include weak, brittle or short lashes. Break up with your falsies this month and take the #NoFalsiesFebruary challenge! With GrandeLASH-MD and GrandeREPAIR you’ll have your best lashes that are 100% all your own!


That flirty fringe doesn’t come without a price. Continual abuse without interruption can place excess stress on your natural lashes: inducing breakage & brittleness. As a result, it‘s recommended to take a break every 4 months from extensions, falsies, lash lifts, & harsh removers as a recovery period.

Step 1 GrandeLASH-MD

Move over falsies! This award winning lash enhancing serum promotes the appearance of naturally longer, thicker looking lashes.

Step 2 GrandeREPAIR

Got damage? Here’s your lash fixer upper! This invisible leave-in lash conditioner helps to protect, soften and strengthen lashes.

Step 3 GrandeMASCARA

While you’re waiting for your best lashes ever, this mascara will condition while you coat! It is infused with peptides to promote healthier looking lashes, so you can load up on volume, length and intensity in an instant.